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At 7:13 on April 4, 2010, Freakbeat James said…
Hey sexpot, you still me damp in my squash shorts xxx
At 4:44 on March 27, 2008, sarah said…
Hey! Was great to see you at the weekend! Hope you had fun! I know I did.
At 0:37 on March 3, 2008, Holly said…
Only 18 days to go! Xx
At 3:55 on February 22, 2008, ELLIE EMES said…
did you get my message...they have our shoes in a shit shop!!!

there is a god!!

At 8:30 on February 20, 2008, Richard "Dickie" said…
hello my lovely!! love the picture of you and fruitbat james, at least i think thats his name, i forget, it's been so long since i to had chance to laugh at his danicing
At 6:41 on February 20, 2008, Jason said…
hey carla nice to see ya on here, hope sunny london is treating you right.
At 3:18 on February 20, 2008, ELLIE EMES said…
you managed to zoom in on the picture then....shame you couldnt photo shop out sweet freak!!

At 1:09 on February 8, 2008, Holly said…
It is yeah... god help us. At least its within crawling distance of the flat!

I got those purple shoes from Office... thank you for telling me about them, best bargain ever! I owe you. Xx
At 12:58 on February 7, 2008, Holly said…
Did I forget to warn you about what happens when people are left to drink with Laura? It's ALWAYS carnage! Xx
At 3:46 on February 7, 2008, Rob Bailey said…
Oi oi mizz,

Myspazz looks good me old china.
Glad to see you got yourself over here bell you later for Derby plans. X
At 8:45 on February 6, 2008, Laura said…
haha i definitely do not remember that!! if you thought we were all bad, wait til you see us at le beat bespoke, we'll be on holiday then.....

At 8:05 on February 6, 2008, Laura said…
haha me? i didnt exactly force you to drink....did i?

At 6:58 on February 6, 2008, new untouchables said…
Heya Carla
Bazden here, hoppe all is well
please feel free to put some pix of Mozza up:)

all the bestest


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