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What does mod mean to you and what have you done recently? It may be something small in the grand scheme but could mean a lot to some one else! Share your thoughts and your most recent endeavour into the world of Mod!

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Well I'm very much into 50's/60's , and the music and clothes simply moved away from mod, it wasn't with intent it just happens! At the moment I'm more like a late sixties student, a short beard and longer hair over my ears, jeans and a few vintage bits mixed with very small hints of mod. The current revival pulled me back into mod for a couple of years but I felt I'd done it all before and wasn't enjoying it. Being myself is far more rewarding to me! 

Your only here once mate,its your life and no one else's!

who says? Iv'e been here many times, and many lives, you should have seen the stuff I did in China man! ;)

What was your name(s) back then? Lol

Hopefully with the crappy weather surely behind us,every ones mod world will burst into Life!! here's hoping!!

Mod means trying to find some form of fresh sharpness and hipness in a growingly scarey, bleak and negative world, searching for things of quality that feel essential to my own taste and outlook. Action, Time, Vision!

Totally , that's the most closest and agreeable statement i have heard for along time ,could say spot on!

With 1 crucial word've got to enjoy!!  But then that should come naturally, right?

fun is the final product.....such as E=mc 2  lol

I'm wondering whether there shouldn't be quite a lot of 50th anniversaries of major events over the next two to three years, especially as we're getting close to, I suppose, 50 years since the most iconic mod year: 1964. I recently found some clips on youtube of the Modstock event in Germany in 1994, which I went to. It was like the last nineteen years hadn't taken place, seeing some of those moments flash back out of nowhere! Any plans for a big 50th anniversary event next year somewhere???

There will defo be some 50th anniversary events, Brighton Modweekender 2014 for instance!!

Not sure where to put this question, but is there anyone out there who saw or remembers the band Weekend, early 80s from Cardiff? I used to have their LP La Varieté and stumbled across some footage of them on you tube from The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1982. Reminded how good it was.





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