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New Record Label has started up aimed 100% at the Mod / Garage scene.
Aiming to do only 7" EPs with teh odd CD comp thrown in too.
Below is the catalogue so far with special prices for NUTS peeps.
Go on, treat yourself to the new sounds of Mod!!
Tracks can be heard at
More details and pics ets at

ROR001 THE SHAKE! "Troubled Scene" 7" p/s £2.00
ROR002 V / A "Soul Like Fire"18 band comp CD £4.00
ROR003 V / A "Join The Tea Set" 7" EP p/s £2.00 (Urges, Charms, 2nd Glance, Penelope)
ROR004 V / A "Do It For Kicks" 7" EP p/s £2.00 (Underclass Strife, Lost 45s, Patterns, Screenbeats)
ROR005 V / A "Mods Mayday 2009" 7" EP p/s £2.50 (Upper 5th, Yeh Yeh, Petty Hoodlums, Visitors)
ROR006 button up "I'm gonna leave you" 7" EP p/s £3.00
ROR007 V / A "Immediate Pleasure" 20 band comp CD £5.00
ROR008 The Fonxionaire s "It's R&B Time" 7" EP p/s £3.50

P&P rates UK; 1-2 £1.50 then 60p for extra's
Europe; 1-2 £2.50 then 80p for extra's
US/Japan; 1-2 £3.50 then £1.00 for extra's

PayPal to accepted as are UK cheques



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