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Hi guys,just listening to pulp fiction,love the film sound track . covers ,surf,garage ,and soul,what an amazing combination,Tarantino loves his surf music,waiting for Django sound please share your views and whys,i feel alot of these sound tracks are a door way to finding some great unknown or forgotten acts,,,time to share guys

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hay come on guys! ,you must have some veiws,,,,go on  USE THE KEYBOARD ????????? It can be anything , i know how those late chat lines feel "is there anyone out there?"

This was and still is probably my fave film. It came out just as I was getting more into surf music or shall we say surf guitar or rock and roll instrumental music. It has Link Wray, The Lively Ones, and of course once actual surfer and legendary guitarist Dick Dale. I think it took the spotty kid dancing round a fire on the beach surf image and turned it into music to kill by! 

Now with Django I was recognizing the bits of spaghetti western music lifted from certain films and remembering the titles of the actual films as I have always enjoyed a good Italian western since a very small boy, great films!

Hi Retroman,great to hear from you again,yeh,one of my favourite scenes is travolta  in the covertable after scoring a hit, high as kite with that music in the background    , yeh Tarantino loved the coolness of the spaghetti western ,these films opened up my mind to the hole surf scene and music in th 60s (even my surfboard is a copy of a 60s board, )       recommend to you the film" Big Wednesday " set in the 60s  thanks for the reply! simon

I have that film GS, really like it! usually watch it at Christmas for some reason, maybe it's to make me think of better weather 

Hi KAI,,,,yes ,that was cool,i am now going to check them out! thanks

5 6 7 8s had a hit after that with Rock A Teens "Woo Hoo", nice garage trash surf band

Still the Italian Job for me as it has the lot beautiful cars, women, clothes and bundles of humour. Used to spin the Self Preservation soundtrack as the last record at the end of all the Untouchables weekenders. Fond memories of everyone on stage singing and various silly dances and good banter!

Gs, for me it has to be 'up the Junction', reeked of pure 60's! And sort of reminded me of when i was very young, although that was a good few years later??? My nan would have got a part in ithat film,straight off!

Hi guys yeh am going to check out those 2 sound tracks,.......

John hope you like Mod Jazz? adding to  your mem stick!

I'll let you know! :-)

Hi Rob ,Funny thing is,i often sing the self preservation song to myself whilst on the scoot and fully modded up ,is that sad ? says it all!



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