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22 years in the business of delivering quality Rhythm & Blues, Northern & Club Soul, Ska/Reggae & Boogaloo all on original vinyl. 

To celebrate 21 years as resident DJ, and to give those who have not yet attended a enticer, 
I've compiled a bit of a “listen here” menagerie of tracks, that for me over the years, are the "sounds" of the staple diet that is digested over the hours during The Mousetrap R&B Allnighter!! 

There are many tracks that have been played by guest DJ's from all over the world over the years, every one a quality track, I just can't remember them all !!! 
The tracks I've selected here, have, put the shoe leather to the dance-floor.

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Brilliant Lee, look forward to seeing you mister.

Just got the new 45's back hot of the press anyone wanna guess what they are and the first person to guess right will get a copy sent in the post, Cheers Rob

Anybody fancy a meet tonight ?

Im going solo to tonights 23rd anniversary as the Mrs says she wont last out for a allnighter .

None of my mates are into the scene unless its a National Rally so im taking the plunge and will be there from early until sunrise . Hope to meet some of you there , you will be able to spot me because I will be the one dancing on his own like the dodgey cousin that everybody laughs at when theres a wedding on .  (Carlton Banks style).   : )   Not !    BRING IT ON ! Really looking forward to it .  

Hi Chris,

I'll be there early doors too, just about to leave Leeds for that there London !

If you're there early and theres only a few in, ask the DJ where I am..


Ahh , nice 1 Lee !

Cor blimey guv , youre travelling tonight then . Safe journey mate !

I should probably be there about half 10 . Im gonna drive in from just outside the East London area .

Will hunt you down dude , see you there !  ; )

My first NU Bash last night at Mousetraps 23rd Anniversary .

My thoughts ?

Wallop ! Have that !

So nice to meet a great bunch of guys and girls .

Ide just like to say thank you to all the people I met and made me feel so welcome . Great to meet you all . (for those too blurey eyed to remember properly I was in a beigey coloured Dog tooth suit).

I really enjoyed the whole night - the music , the company , the atmosphere , the whole thing .

I felt uneasy at first being on my own and not knowing anyone , but soon began to relax and enjoy myself and its all down to you lot . Im buzzing from it and cant wait to do it again .

My taste buds are well and truely wetted and I look forward to seeing you all again soon .

Take care , Chris (alias Jimmy the mod).





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