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It seems to me and others of my ilke that not enough interaction happens on this wonderful site that people have put so much into! We have the perfect mod forum here,but it seems to be full of watchers! The new untouchables is without doubt the number 1 mod forum out there today,and yet there seems to be a reluctance to participate in discuusion. Have your say and set the imagination free,we wont all like the same things and thats for sure but lets at least have a debate and exchange ideas!! If we dont then this site will only be a bulletin board!! Come on its worth much more than that, have your say and set the imagination free!!

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I have the same opinion as John on this topic even though I'm quite new. However, I have a question and this applies to Le Beat Bespoke and its afterwards : I am interested in all the new bands that this event introduces to us but I am wondering if we are all watching their progress after they came here. I think that we all agrees that we are not only mod or 60's lifestyle lovers, but we are also music lovers and one of our greatest pride would be to tell the others that we have seen this band on stage before they got huge and to tell them that we have contributed to their success. So a space dedicated to the bands who have made LBB in order to follow their adventures would be nice.

Well sandrine we seem to be making ground slowly but surely! Start a discussion about ''the love of Music'' and hopefully you'll get some replies!! Good topic by the way!! This site has a lot of members who have been guilty of 'silent participation' but keep on posting and together we will make a difference!!

Great idea Sandrine. Agreee with John start a thread on here and let's get chatting, Cheers Rob

Morning All!,

I'm doing quite a bit of work on the idea I had about mods/beats in British fiction etc, from the 50s onwards. Hoping to get hold of some texts next week at the BL and am reading a new novel at the moment which I'll write something about in a week or two. Like Sandrine, I'll try to set up a specific forum page called 'Mods in Fiction' or something like that. Looking forward to it.

best wishes, James

Oh, should say, I respect/celebrate the fact that the scene is v. international. So, I'd definitely open it up to fiction from other countries, if that appealed (I'd love, for example, to hear from  Italians about representations of mod or proto-mod culture in Italian fiction). We could perhaps find out if these texts exist in English translation, or need doing!!!!!!

We have a good few Italian members on the site,hopefully they will notice ths discussion and join in James!!

yeh just caught what you are saying john,,,,this site has more crisma then anything i have seen, so is this going to be a northern soul free zone? (well i mean the movement),as you said before the question is clothes music and scoots?,any order you like but all very interconnected      modernist is the name and game              no compromise !

simon, ive been called an elitist (and much worse)! We come from different ends of the UK,the scene now is so complicated. People have made it so,can it be called progression.....i think not but maybe its the way it should be!! I'll keep it real rather than keep the faith!! 

For me personally the fact there is such diversity is the strength of the Mod scene and why after 25+ years I'm still digging it!

Re Northern Soul, I can understand why some people consider the NS movement/scene to be very distinct to mod, but history shows that the origins of northern soul as a British phenomenon are with the mod scene of Manchester and other places in the North and Midlands. My understanding (and I'm not an expert) is that the Twisted Wheel in Manchester was a place for Mods c. 1963-8 and that Roger Eagle was able to get DJs and records from USA (via Liverpool) that were unknown in London at the same time. The classic mod period lasted longer in Manchester and most towns and cities outside London, so I would imagine that a night at the Twisted Wheel in 1967 would have had as much rare soul/r'n'b being played and danced to by Mods as The Scene or Flamingo in London c. 1965. So, although the classic mid-70s clips of northern soul dancers at Wigan and Blackpool don't look particularly 'mod' in a style sense, I think the spirit of northern soul is very mod and its origins were with northern mods. Of course, I will accept that my view is not that of an expert, but I do like a lot of northern tunes, many of which are as early as '63 or '64 (particularly if they are latin-inspired). So, I'm all for a section of northern soul tunes at a mod night.

what you say with regards to the musical side of the northern scene is spot on James,a lot of music made in the mid to late sixties was adopted by the Northern scene  after the fact. Soul Music is a favourite of mine,its the rest of the northern scene that doesn't fit into my mod criteria and never will. Wife beater vests and baggies!!  No thanx and holds nought for me!!

well said John ,

i could of not put it better ,,,,love soul,,,hate the ns scene,its a total contrast to what a feel.......different dancing,clothing, scooters ,and different talc,lol





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