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HAHA. Sorry, I'm being sarcastic.

This weekend just gone (21st-23rd March) was actually very much the best weekend of my short life.

I'm still sort of in disbelief at how perfect everything was. You got it spot on. I expected it to be much, much smaller with about a quarter of the turn-out there. I didn't expect there to be many people around my age there either (most of the soul or r&b events round here are full of 50 year-olds in football shirts). Everyone there made the effort, and even if they didn't it didn't really matter.

Drinks were cheap, air-con was fine, but above all - the music was the best. I can't really give a room of preference - they were all so fantastic. As were the DJs. What I want to know is the name of the DJ on Friday. He was fairly young, and he wore a white jacket with black skinny jeans. He was my favourite one of the weekend. I hope he does a regular night somewhere cos I'm missing his wonderfulness already. The Horror was also a top DJ, and seemed very down to earth.

Band of the weekend for me was The Staggers. I didn't expect much but I was blown away. I thought they topped The Sonics!

Even the wind-ups guarding the stairs were a laugh. Had a bit of a niggle with my jacket in the cloak-room on Saturday night, but they were great about it.

Thanks again to the organisers. I feel like I owe you a lot more than the £47 I paid for my ticket. I can't wait for 2009. I'll be there with ribbons.

Is there anything happening before then in a similar vein? Keep me posted.

Much love to everyone,

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An excellent weekend overall, can't wait till next year! Although, i was slightly let down by the sonics, and the fact that i was too hungover on saturday afternoon to see the Eyes Wide Open girls DJ.
Hi Phil,

Thanks for the glowing report fella, I'm really pleased you had such a great time a lot of hard work and effort went into that weekend. The young man you are talking about is Rob Henderson who is Dj in the main room at a monthly night in London called 'BRAINWASHED!'.
Staggers were excellent i agree, and Rhys and Joe from the Horrors are smashing fellas with some good choons. Coffin Joe DJ's at Mousetrap this Sat 26 April at theMousetrap allnighter. Well worth a visit sometime.

Would you write a report on LBB3 for me which I would like to publish in our magazine.
About 500-1k words?
Thanks Rob Bailey (organiser of le beat bespoke)
Rob Henderson. I'll make a note of it. If I'm ever a millionnaire, I'll get him to do my birthdays or something. I'll buy the rights to his life. Teehee.

And are you asking me to do the LBB3 thing? I would have done, sir, but I didn't go to the 3rd one. This was my first.

But not my last, I should think!



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