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How long will the clubs be open for on the nights? Is it actually an all-night jobby, meaning we'll be able to get the first tube in the morning?

Also - what's the best way of getting transport from the Forum on Friday night back to 229? How are others doing it? Jumping in a taxi or something?

Apologies for my idiocy, but I'm not that familiar with London. My mate and I are coming for the whole weekender stuff, and are just sort of hoping it all goes to plan!

Cheers ladies and gents.

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Hiya Fella
If you go to the front page of this Network there is a linky to download a full free programme that you can print out which explains the entire event from start to finish here it is:

Also if you go to:

there is 3 types of local and national travel planners to help with transport.

To get from Kentish Town you can follow the hordes that will be taking over nightbuses en-masse
travelling southerly towards Warren Street and Great Portland Street.

229 is sort of set back off the main road across the road from Great Portland Street Station
and you will no doubt be able to tag along with some nice southern chicks :)

I hope this helps, but please do not be shy, ask folks at the forum (you may even sneak a lift).
Its not that far

Bus Kentish Town Station Stop: KB
Take the Route Bus 134 towards Tottenham Court Road

* Buses every: 6 mins
Max journey time: 22 mins
Bus Warren Street Station Stop: V
Then 5 min walk

Pay Before You Board
Nice one. I think the plan of following the hordes is gonna be my best bet.

And I like the sound of these 'nice southern chicks' :D!

Thanks a lot.
hi mate get the bus, the C2 stops right outside kentish town tube (about 2 seconds walk from the forum) and drops you right outside 229 the venue (ask the bus driver to tell you when it gets to great portland st tube and its a minute walk from there), saves you getting the tube as you have to change and the tubes are always fucked up bank holiday weekend, AND in addition to all this it will only cost you 90 of your english pence if you have an oyster.

love and peace
Thanks again. You're all so generous with your advice and wisdom. Its lovely! I'm sure I'll have no problem!
think it closes at 5am mate? last year it was 7.30am though, wheres your hotel cos most of the busses are all 24 hours anyway.
I'm staying with a mate in Snaresbrook, but its quite far out.
your fucked for a bus then but tubes start at 5.43am on a monday morning, might have to check with it being bank holiday like! they start at 7am on a sunday.
ta lobby you are a gent
hows the scooter project coming along?



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