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Ricky Smith
  • Male
  • Atlanta, GA
  • United States
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About Me:
This is way too long. Sorry for that! Some time ago I discovered there was a word for people like myself who live a very particular lifestyle. Sound familiar? I looked up at my brother from reading and said "I think I'm a Mod." Being somewhat familiar with various sub cultures and styles from all over the world, he said "I could see that for sure. The weird thing is you're not English, and we don't have Mods here." I was fascinated by how effortless everything about Modernism felt to me, because I've always lived this way (minus the scooter bit). I've been bordering on outright obsession with taste and style since I stopped playing with toys as a kid. I also love dancing to the same music my parents danced to in the 60's. My mother has family in England and lived there for the latter part of the 60's into the 70's. Lucky for me, she unknowingly imparted some very British taste in me while raising me. No kidding, "The Who" were practically holy men in both of my parent's books! I've been told countless times that when I was very little I would bother my Mom to play "the kings" again ( I couldn't pronounce Kinks obviously) and I would "dance" in our living room till I wore myself out. I've certainly never put any real work into "being a Mod" my personality does it for me I guess. I was voted best dressed male my last year of junior high school (Wouldn't you have been?). I hadn't even really developed real style or broadened my ideas on the subject yet. As for the often hard and lonely fact that I've never met another Mod here, I take comfort and pride in knowing you all are out there, we love the same things, and we know how cool we are hahaha! Being a yank (sigh), I never bother telling anyone I'm a Mod, or what it is, I just can't be bothered. Over here we have "Preppys" (Ivy League style) they just assume that's what I am. The big difference to me, Preps have no soul about them, it's a clothing style intended to project wealth and affluence, but that's where it ends. I really don't care if anyone knows or not. If they were meant to know, well they'd just know wouldn't they? My girlfriend is cool and worldly enough, she knows, and of course she digs it hahaha. My best friends know what I'm about at least. Although, one of them does like to refer to me as "Ricky The Mod" which around here just gets a stupid look from evyone inevitably followed by "What's a mod?", it gets tedious at best. Anyways, I plan on taking at least one trip to the UK in the near future. I'd love to meet some of you for a drink or even better a club night. In fact, I'll be very let down with the state of the world if I make it to the birthplace and home of it all, and don't experience it like a proper 21st century Mod (excellent book btw). Hope to make some friends in far off places on here! Stay cool, be good, or don't even bother showing up!
Relationship Status:
Top 5 Tunes at the Moment
The Temptations- "Ain't too proud to beg"
Smokey Robinson and The Miracles- "ooh baby baby"
The Kinks- "A well respected man"
Martha and The Vandellas- "Heatwave"
The Four Tops- "Ask the lonely"
Favourite Types of Clothing
Literally almost everything from Merc, I'm a huge fan!
Ben Sherman button down under an argyle v neck jumper, worn with a sharp tie of course.
Slim trousers that break just right over my Weejuns.
Merc Harrington given the weather calls for it.
Nothing beats a smart three button suit and Chelsea boots though!
Favourite Shops/Sites
I shop online quite a lot since the majority of my countrymen sadly have no sense of style. This is a nation of scruffs, particularly here in the south east, you have no idea...
Merc, Ben Sherman, FP, The Tie Bar, Express, Banana Republic, Ted Baker, etc.
Favourite Club Night
This IS America unfortunately.
Favourite DJs
I wish I had an answer!
Favourite Venue
I'll find one when I go to the UK!
Favourite Event?
Christmas isn't bad yeah?
Fave things about ‘The Scene’
I'll let you know when I see it!
Vespa or Lambretta or Other?

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At 11:02 on April 13, 2015, karl clarke said…

Hi Ricky, sorry for the late response, havent been on here in  a while

At 10:53 on March 28, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Watcha dude ! Alls good here thanks , hope its the same for you . Sorry i took time to reply only i've not been online for a short time .

Not much been going on over this side personally apart from my shrinking bank balance . :-(  Got into town though to a Mousetrap all nighter which is always top of my list . Had a great time with a new pal i've met through going there (Scottish Robbie who lives in north London) . Man his clothes are so sharp ! He's good company , almost the same age as myself and a really funny guy , he should have been a comedian . I've been trying to get him fixed up with  girl or two but he's such a fussy dude .

We're going to the Crossfire all nighter on April 5th , another top night in a huge venue . Got my pal from work coming with us too as he wants a bit of female company also . It looks like i've got my work cut out for the night trying to fix them both up eh . Theres going to be four of us as my pal Tony who is new to the seen is joining us too . I'ts going to be funny this week as Tony is coming over to my pad for some dance lessons . He's been to some club nights with me before and has got hooked on it but gets frustrated standing around getting drunk while i slip my feet around the floor . Honestly , i dont understand him sometimes .   :-D   Really looking forward to it .

On another note , yeh man , the trip on my scooter was something else and in a way doing it solo made it more of a mission and something to be proud of . Because when i look back now it still gives me a buzz knowing the risks that i took going it alone and i didn't even have a cell phone at the time so if i had got attacked or my scoot broke down i'de have been in big trouble a long long way from home . I guess the risk was part of the buzz . I would only recomend it to somebody who's mad though , says a lot for me eh .  :-D  Or is that just plain old stupid ? Fun though and i done a diary every day with my speed , distance and the days events in it so as i can go back to it from time to time and reminisce . When i do i sit and daydream with endless top memories so it can only have done my life some good eh .

I've also got a 1970 V.W.Camper van (another peice of history) and me and my girl are planning to repeat the trip in it together for my 50th (i'm 48 now) . I've got some work to do on it to get it up to the job firstly though . You got to have dreams to acheive in your life eh , it keeps you pushing on through . 

Wow , The Who eh ! You lucky man ! Where are you going for it and how much was your ticket ? They done the Quadrophinia tour over here but i couldn't afford to do it . That's going to be awsome stuff man .

At 10:20 on March 18, 2015, Gary Ballingall said…

Hi Ricky !

At 18:39 on March 17, 2015, Ricky Smith said…
Finally for the love of God, something cool is actually going to happen here in "the ATL" (that's what "we" call "our" city for lack of a cooler nickname). I'm going to see The Who next month! This uncommonly cool Yank should I put it...well chuffed hahaha!
BTW, Thank you Britain, for all the cool music, culture and style you've added to the world! You are appreciated by many!
At 7:54 on February 16, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Yeh man , the youth don't look up to their elders eh . Hang on a minute , just what you are trying to say here ? Im an old fart over the hill ?  : D  You may be right , but theres life in the old dog yet .  : D  Nah , there good lads and behave themselves when I tell them to .  : ) 

A Vespa man indeed , I love a Lammy but got myself a PXE 200 brand new in 1996 for reliability to do some traveling on and go to work and back . Ive looked after it ever since and done a solo tour of France , Switzerland , and down to Southern Italy on it . What a buzz that was ! Blazing hot sunshine and open roads for almost dead on 3,000 miles . Rode up Mount Vesuvius and Pompei , through Rome and through St Peters Square (the popes back garden) , Pisa too . Something I will never forget I tell yah . What an experience !

My girlfriend loves going on the back too but ive stored it away for about 4 years and spent my time and money on a 1970 VW camper . Im in the process of dusting off the cob webs at the moment though as ive missed it for too long .  Its still got some Italian dust on it , how authentic is that eh .  : )  Cant wait for the spring as the weathers pretty crap here at the mo .

I live a short distance from east London so going into London for The Mousetrap R & B all nighter this coming Saturday night . Cant wait for that , i'll burn some leather for you dude .   ; )

At 13:47 on February 13, 2015, Chris Newport said…

I can relate exactly to what youre saying dude ! Its such a buzz to know others look at you with respect and admiration .

I go to watch our local football team (Grays Athletic F.C.)with some guys that ive met at the games and have become quite close pals with some of them . As the majority of them are younger and don't know about Mod i baffle them quite a bit . Piece by piece though im educating them and they like my clothes . Each game they wait to see what im waring for the day . They like it and ive been dubbed "Grays Athletics best dressed supporter" .  : D  I get comments a lot and they take the piss a bit but they think its cool . If only i could convert them all . Theyre too busy being Norman Nobody though except for Tony , hes one who is beginning to see the light and has began to come clubbing with me and buying the clothes (under my supervision of course) : D  I feel so elite when out on my scooter too (full mod chromed up Vespa), people just stop and stare with a smile and a look on their face as if to say "fuck me that looks cool" . Well , that's up to them to get their shit together eh .

Like yourself ive been known to bust a few moves on the dancefloor too and have got my own style of dancing that has won me a few compliments . So i guess i must be doing something right , well i hope so anyway .  : D  I haven't seen anybody sniggering at me yet or do they do it on the sly ?  : D  So if you get yourself over here some time perhaps we can burn some leather together ? That would be fun dude !

At 12:10 on February 11, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Watcha dude !   : )  Hope this finds you and your tribe in good health ?  Just checked out your profile , im not all that clued up on computers and don't know how to put some pics on here . Ive gotta get off my arse and sort it really , been a bit lazy like that .

Theres a space waiting for you on every dance floor over here and it would be great if you made it over the pond some time as you say . 

Being the only Mod in town is a gift to be treasured , that's what makes you a Mod isn't it ? Standing out from the crowd , being different from Joe public , dressing sharper and being cooler than them ? I know the feeling well , my pals just take what the high street or shopping mall gives them as a choice of clothes and suck on it . Their music taste is what ever the TV and radio throws at them and that's about their depth really .

At 9:30 on February 10, 2015, John Paterson said…
At 22:07 on February 9, 2015, Claire Mahoney said…

Thanks for reading them! cheers Claire



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