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The scooter comp takes place Sunday afternoon 3pm outside the Volks.

Took the GS last year so I'm gonna take the SX along this year.

What are you riding down to Brighton on?

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Quality not Quantity Rob! :).. saying that i'll be on my TV2 next year if I ever get round to re building it. 

TV this year.


I thought we had decided on Beachy Head on the Sunday already...?

Just picked-up 'Crazy Banana', my tempremental and extended restoration project after blowing her cylinder head; she's running like a dream and will be coming with me to Brighton. As you know, she's a beautiful 1961 Li 125 Special; see you there!

Looks well tasty Adrian, love the colout combo. Who done the paintwork for you? Best Rob

Hi Rob

Re: Colour scheme

I have lived in Leeds for two years but originally come from the Wolverhampton area.

Dad and I worked on the bike in the Midlands with the final build taking place at a great Yorkshire specialist called Buzzsolomoto.

A motorcycle body specialist based in Wordsley in the Midlands did the paint job.

I handed him what I thought was a great base job after spending weeks filling, sanding and prime-ing all panels. He took one luck and politely asked "who did this s--t?"

He then added "do you want this looking good?" beforte showing me all the awards he had won for spraying Suzuki's and Yamaha's. I gave him the colours (I went to Art College and have always loved Art Deco architecture and furniture) - wanted to actually base it on Italian flag with an Art Deco twist.

When I saw the unbuilt panels on his floor when I returned some eight weeks later, I was shocked and a little confused; thought it looked like an old Kawasaki. Went built, I was gob-smacked and totally thrilled... I love it! The guy is a genius; called Arnold Fairing Repairs, Queen Street, Wordsley, West Midlands - I can't recommend him enough; even if you have to travel!

Thanks for the comment; really appreciate the feedback. See you in Brighton!


Probably the GS150 Cushman!

Wow John got to be a contender for the competition awesome mate 

I dont do scooter competitions Rob, just something that doesnt sit right with me! Ive been the same for years?? Funny or what! Though i will say that a trophy from the Modweekender is worth 10 from any/all other events!!

I will be taking my old favourite Mrs Jones.

Hi Moose, Very nice Mr think we might have to park opposite ends of the seafront the colour scheme is quite similar to mine LOL.  

I do trophies John, To me that's what Mod is all about, looking good and getting noticed by everyone, ha ha, Moose,
If that's your bag Arthur then I'm delighted for you mate, it's just a personal bug bear of mine, and with regards to looking good, me and the scoot will still look good I just won't be expecting a trophy for it :-)





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