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We have some incredible news to announce!

Kenney Jones from the most popular Mod band of all time THE SMALL FACES and FRIENDS headline our BRITISH LEGENDS - MODSTOCK live show on Saturday night read more here:

The best way to take in the sights, sounds and sensations of the Capitol city is from the river. THE PRIDE OF LONDON vessel has been booked for our riverboat party on Sunday afternoon. Details on tickets will be available soon and on sale first to members of the NUTs network.

More announcements to be made tomorrow, Cheers Rob

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Good evening good Dr!

Many thanks for the route, I; the lovely 'Lottie the Lambretta' and lady Claire will see you there!

Stay cool!



The 'Early Bird' ticket offer ends tomorrow folks you can get them right here

Good morning, For the first time since the Mod Revival I-Spy Records label mates SQUIRE join SECRET AFFAIR on stage at MODSTOCK-‘50 years of Mod’ in London this Easter.

Hello Rob !

Its me again , Pamperless .   ; )

Going to book some tickets for Modstock  but unsure what the "club only tickets" are for . I guess it means for after the bands have finished ?

Derrr ! !

You got it Craig

Cheers Rob !

That's 1 weekender 4 me and a variation of tickets for some pals and gals . Cant wait !

Gotta go buy some more dam Pampers again now . 

Its Chris by the way , im not to sure about Craig but you can call me anything when im drunk , I just giggle and fall over backwards . : D

I have booked tickets for the Saturday and Saturday evening. Too old for the clubbing bit though!

Do you know what the itinerary is for the Saturday?



Hi Alec, All the info is on the event website here

Doors open 8pm Saturday and the live stuff will start at 8.30pm, Best Rob

Any ideas throughout the day?


Can you share how many dealers you have for the record fair on Saturday?

Hi Frederick, Sat afternoon is the market/record fair, scooter run + 2 live bands THE TURNING & ALEX BUTLER & THE OPALS live at the NUTsMAG showcase. Doors 12-5pm @

Check out the program here for venue program details

Thank you. I am coming over from the US, and am very excited about MODstock!





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