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I’m a Hip-Hop artist, rapper, sound engineer and I know how to draw. I am from Mississauga, Ontario, and I grew up there. I started off as a fan of Hip Hop music at around fifteen years old. My favourite artists and inspirations at the time were Eminem, DMX, Tupac, 50 Cent and Drake. In high school nobody went easy on me. When I was sixteen years old, I was peer pressured into my first cafeteria rap battle. Surprisingly, I won the rap battle, and ever since then, I wanted to be a Hip-Hop artist. I’ve grown a lot since then, and I gained more influences. At about nineteen years old, I started listening to J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hustle, Nas and Big L. I also preformed in the Greater Toronto Area. I’ve also performed in Brampton, Toronto, Oakville and Vaughan. I taught myself how to engineer vocals and built my studio up from a basic USB mic setup, to a professional home studio. I am now twenty one years old, I tell many deep stories and let my music speak for me. Hope you the enjoy the music.

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