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As far as I bio goes basically I’m a 26 y/o rapper from Baltimore md, and just recently started rapping. My music mainly consist of what I call talking about “fly shit” or just flexing. Mainly talking about things clothes, diamonds, and stuff like that. The other half of my music consisted of talking about what it’s like growing up being black in a single family household, plight in the black community, women empowerment, and just having fun in the songs. I’ve only been rapping for 5 yrs and everything you see such as me being able to get my songs on these streaming platforms, the number of streams, and just anything in general I had to do myself. My marketing is mostly through Instagram with a few podcast here and there. Besides that I’m just having fun with music but want to reach a point where my music and influence can be used to help grow the black community in more positive ways. I know some of the ways I want to do that but that’s my main goal with music.

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