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Kj Dinero presents "99 PROBLEMS" and "DIARY" from his album "STREETPOET"

It is always a great pleasure to discover new artists, and it is even more surprising when they show incredible talent despite their very young age. Artists who live and feel their music deeply, turning into songs their reality and framing our society like pictures! This is the gift of the big of the music industry, and Kj Dinero is one of these. Today, we have the great pleasure of listening to “99 problems” and “Diary,” two hits from his debut album “Streetpoet.”

“99 problems” is one of those songs that surround you with a mysterious mist. The mesmerizing base, the engaging beat, and Kj’s outstanding performance behind the microphone make this track a rare gem of modern Hip-Hop! Like the other songs of the album, the lyrics of this track go straight to the point, resonating deeply with the listener since the first seconds!






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