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Some artists have an incredible charisma, those that have an energetic presence on and off stage. Exciting, engaging, and inspirational are a few of the characteristics of artists like Haitian Doll that, with her music, not only get the party started, but she makes the party! Today, we have the great pleasure of listening to her single “Teenie Weenie,” a right track that shows the incredible versatility of an artist who makes no compromises!

Haitian Doll is pure energy! Gifted with a very natural and unstoppable musical instinct, she has shaped her sound during the years, creating a unique style that is recognizable since the first notes! Rapper, Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, and much more! Her music is direct and powerful, just like real art should be!



Connect with Haitian Doll!

Spotify: Haitian Doll

Instagram: haitiandoll_official

TikTok: haitiandolltheartist

Apple Music: haitian-doll

Soundcloud: haitiandoll

Facebook: Haitian-Doll

Twitter: HaitianDoll_LLC

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