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Well, despite being born around 1965, this comic strip - created by british gals Jenny Butterworth & Pat Tourret - ain't enough groundbreaking for the Sixties. Obviously I'm only talking about the plot, because drawings are quite fascinating. Tiffany Jones goes to London from "up north", and sets up a new life at her cousin's flat, evolving from a plain provincial chick to a fashion model, having a go to all those cool jobs who made 60s young what they became. Nothing to say, of course. Except for the fact that our girl is a bit of a good-doer, not exactly representing that cultural zeitgeist that revolutioned 20th century.


Luvverly Tiffany is basically a good girl who only wants to do the best she can in life, but without being particularly ambitious or original. All the other carachters are just a nice frame to Tiffany's adventures: not so "different", not so sharp, just  somewhat  in the middle.


That said, let's talk about the artwork. Drawings are captivating and much passion for the "Swingin' London" is added to every single frame. I should say that the beauty of this comic strip resides in its drawings and (pop) graphics, but probably there are other qualities I - unconsciously? - ignored.


The only suggestion I can give, is to get the book yourselves and make your own judgement.

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