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What does mod mean to you and what have you done recently? It may be something small in the grand scheme but could mean a lot to some one else! Share your thoughts and your most recent endeavour into the world of Mod!

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Sorry mate,never heard of them before!!

Some of you may have seen that the Memoirs of former Home Secretary Alan Johnson have just come out (he was looking very dapper on TV last night, I noticed). Now I know politics is probably not the best subject for this site, but it's worth remembering that Alan Johnson was a mod in the early 60s and grew up in North Kensington/Notting Hill at a time of great change. His book is called ''This Boy: A Memoir of a Childhood" and apparently he talks about his love for Mod style. Might be worth a look. best wishes.

He reminds of Kenneth Williams from the carry on films for some strange reason!!  :-)

oh no misses!

Hi, I've been v. busy lately, so unable to devote much time to the forums. So, apologies to the vast legions of readers (!) of my jazz tinge page for not adding to it lately. I'm hoping to get something done on Bill Evans during June. Meanwhile, I had a quick flick through Alan Johnson's autobiography the other day and there's some interesting stuff on his Mod youth, a couple of references to the Small Faces and other insights as to the social background of Mods in West London. Also, does anyone know why at vintage fairs there are more tables and chairs than items of men's clothing? Is it down to the usual 'men aren't interested in clothes' cliche of the mainstream media or is it true that most men in the 1950s and 1960s owned one shirt and one suit which is gathering dust in an attic? Any thoughts?





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