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I dont mean to sound arrogant,,,,but what has the northern soul scene got to do with this sight ?    that scene totally goes against the modernist way of life.  with there second rate soul music that they got from skips at u.s.a.f bases in the late 60S< they jump around,all hot and bothered ,like a little kid at there cousins wedding skidding around on there knees,so why do some folks like to tag this in with the mod scene ?does my head in .....and not to mention the clothing

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I do believe that GS Simon is 100% correct. Mod/Modernism is constantly moving and unfortunately the self named Northern Soul followers should really be coined, 'froze in timers ' and should not associate with the modernist movement. ;-)

Ive asked the very same question, been told its the scene moving forward etc etc.(load of contrived shit) What i'd love to know was when the hell did someone start mixing the two together???  But remember simon its not real NS at the 'Modweekenders'  its a dress up shirt and cufflinks version shaped to fit into the Mod scene!!

clap, miss a beat, clap, pull up ya bags and check that the velcro is holding ya arms by ya sides :-)





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