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It seems to me and others of my ilke that not enough interaction happens on this wonderful site that people have put so much into! We have the perfect mod forum here,but it seems to be full of watchers! The new untouchables is without doubt the number 1 mod forum out there today,and yet there seems to be a reluctance to participate in discuusion. Have your say and set the imagination free,we wont all like the same things and thats for sure but lets at least have a debate and exchange ideas!! If we dont then this site will only be a bulletin board!! Come on its worth much more than that, have your say and set the imagination free!!

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What we also can do is to send mass mail to the users of this forum, just to remind them the topics in activity. Otherwise, I'm happy to see that my idea of polls took form along with the Brighton mod events. :)

seems like what Gs simon says has came true! We had a burst of activity when the brighton tickets were up for grabs? Now the site has fallen back into that ''Lack of interaction'' stasus! To get anything in return must at least demand a minimum piece  of participation. On the whole it would seem the majority only use this site for there own benefit,which is a great position if only life worked that way! I have tried my damnest to inject a bit of live/new blood to the nuts network to no avail. Its a great dishonour to Mr. Bailey & co who have dedicated there time and effort for the benefit of all! Its time for a wake up call and a small amount of payback at no expense! Come on folks do the right thing and have a little respect!! its a true saying '' you dont know what you've got till its gone''  Seriously think about it!!!

Fair point, JP, you have indeed put a lot of effort in here and it's appreciated. These things take time, I think, as people get used to what's on offer. I'll try to write something soon (if not about jazz, then something else mod-related): August is often a quiet month, though, so don't be disheartened.

Don't forget that a lot of people are on vacation too... It explains why there's a lack of activity. On the other hand, activity may burst in September when people will look for information for the next concerts. A constant reminder for the forum on the Nutsmail will help for sure.

A huge thanks to those who are participating I know it can be frustrating at times. Some good points from Sandrine re the nutsmail and also a regular at least weekly update on new threads here with links to all the members in a broadcast is workable. I also think a daily share on topics into our social media might also help I'll talk with David about that. Keep the good ideas coming and we will get there in the end. Have a good day folks Rob

Nothing is changing on the nuts, is it just a place to come to when your bored!! Great disservice being done, we should hang our heads in shame!!! Make a bloody effort and show a bit of support! We can always do better!!!!





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