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It seems to me and others of my ilke that not enough interaction happens on this wonderful site that people have put so much into! We have the perfect mod forum here,but it seems to be full of watchers! The new untouchables is without doubt the number 1 mod forum out there today,and yet there seems to be a reluctance to participate in discuusion. Have your say and set the imagination free,we wont all like the same things and thats for sure but lets at least have a debate and exchange ideas!! If we dont then this site will only be a bulletin board!! Come on its worth much more than that, have your say and set the imagination free!!

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It would seem 'collectively' we can break this silence!

Morning All!

In addition to the idea of a 'Mods in Fiction' blog, I am hoping to initiate something for those Mods who love Modern Jazz (which I'm guessing is most of you!) Now, this is a vast area, and I'm sure there are lots of ways to go about it. What I will start off by doing is talking a bit about some recent CD reissues of jazz LPs from the period 1945-1970, that throw some new light onto this wonderful area of the modernist world. I suggest calling the blog 'The Jazz Tinge' and once I've worked out how to set up a new heading (forgive me folks, my 'online' skills are somewhere in 1965) I'll post my first comments and open it all up for everyone to write their own contributions. Of course, it doesn't have to stop in 1970, but this is a date around which modern jazz went into directions that might not appeal to some people on this site (but maybe I'm wrong and there are some fusion nuts out there!) Anyway, let me know what you think and I'll try to get it started before the weekend.


Sounds good James,cant wait! If it gets people chatting and exchanging ideas then its gonna be wothwhile mate!

Be honest its not something i have given a listen to, but hey cant knock it till i've tried it!! I will now give it a try!!

My first piece on jazz is now online, for those interested, under a new sub-heading called 'The Jazz Tinge'. It's about New-York pianist Randy Weston. Not sure if it should be moved to another discussion folder, but I'll let Rob decide that one.

Hope those going to LBB have a great time!

Its now safe to say there is no lack of interaction!! But the job is not done,,,not by a long shot!!

John and company I must congratulate you on kicking things off on here and long may it continue. I'll have a think this week about a couple of topics this end that would be great to get everyones thoughts on. Have a fab weekend everyone. Best Rob

Cheers Rob, hoped it would have been even better/quicker. Though they do so say 'Big oaks from little Acorns grow' or summit along they lines!!   :-)

We seem to have fell by the wayside again,after the surge to obtain tickets for Brighton its went a little cold!!  Come on guys,participation is the name of the game!!

John, you should be a Mod......erator.

LOL Sandrine!!  :-)

John is the Mod erator :)





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