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It seems to me and others of my ilke that not enough interaction happens on this wonderful site that people have put so much into! We have the perfect mod forum here,but it seems to be full of watchers! The new untouchables is without doubt the number 1 mod forum out there today,and yet there seems to be a reluctance to participate in discuusion. Have your say and set the imagination free,we wont all like the same things and thats for sure but lets at least have a debate and exchange ideas!! If we dont then this site will only be a bulletin board!! Come on its worth much more than that, have your say and set the imagination free!!

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Cheers for that rob,the time and dedication u put into this site leaves no question as to who is the moderator mate! I know you dont hold your breath looking for plaudits, though i do think a bit more interaction would be all the praise u need! We aint going nowhere and we're on the case!

It's not possible for me to be here all day everyday so I think a couple of moderators would be a great idea. Will put a request out shortly and devise some sorta basic forum rules and ambitions and between us we could work towards achieving the target which is simply to get the forums going with some good banter. Yoyur help on here is most appreciated John and i look forward to catching up in person squire.

no worries rob,i'll catch up with u at brighton or before if possible! 

Hi Rob have you had any more thoughts about placing "LATEST ACTIVITY" on home the page ,as well as the sign in, so fellow contributors can go right in on a discussion,without navigating the site to find items,i feel this would be a great benefit to all members, and those who visit !,,,,,let me know if this is ok, and your veiws....thanks for this great site ,your loyal member GSSIMON 

Thats not a bad idea at all si, but also remember for all the things this site could have you always need to be thankfull for all the things its NOT got!! IE; trolls.tourists etc and basically people with no interest in the scene!! Its a hard one to get the balance right!! We have a decent hard core of members on here most of them i know or know of personally,and at times i've scratched my head thinking of things to get them to pop into the site more often. It aint all doom and gloom,and with a positive frame of mind it can only get better!!

IT seems there was a lot of activity here when the august tickets went on sale,then things just died,,,,Is it because the "HARD CORE" keep things to them self s,and don't feel they have to place comments on a site ?

Not got a clue mate, it just seems that its not a big part of there scene to keep in touch! Keep chipping away and contributing,things will change!! Keep ''Reaching'' out bro!!!

Got some disscussions regarding who is riding what and where the rideout should go for Brighton this summer your thoughts would be great folks!

Now that I'm thinking about ways to bring back life to the forum, I've got an idea. When an event occurs, like the Beat Bespoke for exemple, or a concert for the Soul Kitchen, if the organisers know the name(s) of the band(s) who will play, why don't they organise a contest in the forum. For example "The first who will be able to name (one of the) the band(s) playing  this evening will earn a free ticket for the show" (it could be also a discount, or a clothing item or a record). Of course, we should be able to make some suggestions for the next concerts, events and services as well. It's a first step to complain, but it's better to act. To reformulate JFK a bit, I would say "Don't ask what the New Untouchables can do for you, but what you can do for them". Let's keep up the brainstorming and if you got other ideas, don't hesitate to share them.

Hi Sandrine, These are all great ideas and some of them we have already put into practice with Brighton. The more minds on it the better of course. I think some polls would also be a great idea to get audience participation. Let's have your ideas moving forward folks

This is a great site and should be used more.What i find is i go on facebook and get stuck looking at record lists for 4 hours then im all ready for bed.Ill try to log on a bit more in future and check things out

Good man Alan......:-)





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