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I will be coming over from the states for this (just booked my flight today) and am looking to make many new acquaintances! Will also be looking for tips on a place to stay, where to eat / drink / shop! It's been 6 years since I was last in your lovely city and I need a fresh perspective. Message me if you can give me any leads, please, I would appreciate it so much.

Can't wait to dance the night away...


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Hi Rachel,

Nutty new yr, one of our fave events in the calender,your going to have an amazing  time!!:)

You have Zoo Zoo night before in Camden, the perfect warm up.

If vintage clothes shopping is your thing, you'd be hard pushed to beat Shoreditch, and simply walking down the bustling cobbled streets with all those sights and smells from the vast array of traders and food stalls, never fails to impress!  For any well healed males in your party, progreessive Mod menswear,  Mendoza,Shoredich, is a must.

The main meeting point before the event, tends to be the the pub opposite by the crossing. The name escapes me for now, but i'm sure some of the others members will be able to put you right on that one:)

The Hoilday Inn, Carburton, or The Melia Whitehouse are both excellant Hotels and just few mins walk.

For post event recovery/shopping fuel, Vilendry,Portland St, does an excellant all day breakfast selection, and Oxford St is only 10mins walk or so.

Your more than welcome to join us for a drink:)


Kind Regards



You are too kind, thank you!!!

Hello Rachel, You will love the party I'm sure. We have a warm up show in Camden the night before. Also massive Xmas sales on in London from 26 December so many bargains to have. There is a list of retro and vintage shops on our website. Best Rob

What is going on in ol London town in april? I will be in the region and can pop over (minus me ol royal). Any NUTS events around that time? I guess i will take a looksee at the 2013 calendar.

Good afternoon, You just miss Le Beat Bespoke 9 Easter weekend which is a shame. We take a break for a couple of weeks after that. Take a look at the website all the dates are up there, Best Rob

Cheers Man, will check it out.





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