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At 14:08 on June 6, 2018, Alvaro R said…

Cheers Rob! See you in Brighton :) Sadly I think we can't make Euro Yeyé this year. Regards

At 18:26 on September 4, 2017, Paul Broughton said…
Thanks Rob..!!
At 17:06 on February 15, 2017, Chris Newport said…

Hello mucker !

Good to see you at Brixton and grab a spot to catch up over a drink . That gaff was mobbed man . A bit nippy outside too eh , oof , not half !

My mixer I mentioned is a Numark DM1100X if you're interested ? It all works perfect its just that I updated myself so its just sitting in the cupboard doing nowt .

Like I mentioned its small enough to leave under the seat of a car perhaps as a back up spare and wouldn't matter too much if anything happened to it .

I found a couple on ebay for around £20 , you can have it for £50 . 

:D    Only joking dude , £10 to you .

At 21:36 on November 22, 2016, Danielle Samson said…

Same to you! Yeah we got home just fine! Hope you did also. See you soon :) Danielle & Terry 

At 20:52 on April 1, 2016, Chris Newport said…

Watcha mukka ! All good here hope you are too . Still not caught up on me kip , gonna lay in tomorrow . 

Enjoyed last weekend but the Crossfire night on Sunday night blew me away . The music , people etc was top notch . I was thinking earlier today that i cant believe a week has already gone and this time last week (10pm) i was buzzing on my way up to the bash with Tony and Scottish "Robbie" . 

Cant wait for our next outing and its all down to you and the gang .

Well done , arise "Sir" Roberto Bailio Escorchio Promotoro !  ;-)  

Keep banging on brother 

At 20:29 on February 28, 2016, Chris Newport said…

"Sir" Rob ?

Mousetrap ? Saturday 27th Feb 2016 ?

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaavly ! Good to see some new young faces i hadnt seen there before. Another top night dude , well done again to you and the gang . So good to see a few more suits also , i love it when people take pride in their appearence . 

My only complaint about lastnight was that when i wanted to let fly with my moves the floor was full . It says it all really eh . Another busy night .

Cheers Robbie , cant wait for Easter , see you there  . 

Eeeezeeeeeeee !

At 21:42 on December 16, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Congratulations "Sir" Rob !

Saturday at Mousetrap was one of the best yet . The music was spot on and i think my feet caught fire at one point . I cant remember the DJs name from Leeds but i defo hope im privelaged to hear him play again . He had a style and class of his own .

Wicked stuff dude , myself and the gang cant wait for NYE . Having a bit of trouble ordering tickets at the mo though from 229 .

Keep on pushing , see you soon and have a top christmas .

At 10:39 on November 26, 2015, Lee said…

Hello Rob and Cheers. 

At 13:15 on November 13, 2015, Paul said…
Cheers for the ad Rob and cheers for putting us on. Still coming down from Crossfire. Great night and our best gig yet. See you soon man.
At 14:51 on October 10, 2015, Chris Newport said…

See you tonight Sir Rob for a long awaited shinny . Picked me new suit up from me tailor today just in time for it . Buzzing !

At 17:01 on June 9, 2015, Ali B said…
Thank you for the welcome Rob.
At 16:20 on June 9, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Finally its here again ! See you Saturday fancy pants , 4 of us going all suited and slick . Cant wait !

At 18:49 on April 7, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Hello big boy ! Hope alls well ?

Just another congratulations on an immence night Sunday . You looked a bit stressed and i can fully understand it mate , you work proper hard . I hope it all went ok for you and the gang , i know how much work events like yours take to put on and organise . Rather you than me .

Ide have liked to introduce you to my mate Stuart who tagged along for his first bash but i could see you have a lot of people to chat to . I didnt like to interupt so let you be . Stuart enjoyed himself though and confirmed hed like to come out again . The poor dude hasnt been out to a club for 22 years since he met his Mrs who he recently split with . Looks like ive caught him just at the right time before he went to a Joe public type of club listening to poop and ive been pumping him full of cds that ive been putting together from my own collection of Boogaloo , Soul , R & B etc . Hes a bit of a Who fan so i suppose hes got some influence although i pre warned him he wouldnt be hearing any .  : )  Anyway , im working on him and he wants to go shopping for cloth . Looks like im building a small community over this way . Lookout , before you know it i will "out do you" and nick your punters .  : D  No chance , you lot are the nuts !  ; D

Gotta dust off me Vespa soon and polish up the chrome whilst i stick it in for an MOT . Im gonna try and give Tony a taste of the Bucks Palace run on the back of me seat . Hes never done a ride before and we all know what a buzz that can give a 1st timer . 

Anyway , no doubt youre busy so i will finish this novel with a "see you soon mucker , keep pushing" !

At 22:32 on March 28, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Alright geeeezar ? Hope alls well dude ?

Been a bit stuffed for reddies since Mousetrap and aint been out to get my NU fix . Got a busy weekend at Easter too but will be at Crossfire on the Sunday night as ive given the Rolling pin some sweet talk and got her thumb off my head .   :-D   Will be bringing Tony , Scottish Robbie and a pal of mine from work who dont get out much since splitting from his Mrs . Hes a decent bloke and in his very own words said to me "i wanna see how the other half live" .  :-D   So i told him dont come out with me then .   :-D  Hes really looking forward to it like me . See you there "Sir" Rob . What was that , a  J.D. and Coke or was it a Southern Comfort ?    :-)

At 21:44 on February 23, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Gutted ! Gotta wait for the next one now .   ; )   Great stuff Rob , loved your tunes , Lee done himself proud too . And the guy that played the Latin , oof !

As always it was a treat to see you dude .

Scottish Robbie enjoyed himself too , he was just gutted he didn't pull . Have to see if me and Tony can fix him up on Easter Sunday . Will try and escape the clutches of the rolling pin before then for another groove but if I cant i'll see you at Easter . Keep on mukka !  ; )

At 23:25 on February 18, 2015, Adam Smith said…
Cheers for the add Rob, catch you soon. Adam Smith
At 16:43 on February 16, 2015, Andy Stanford said…

Cheers for the welcome,hope to catch up with you somewhere.

At 22:14 on January 25, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Hello dude ! Alls good here thanks , hope it all went well and youre ok ? Sorry not to get to having a chat and didn't want to interrupt you when we arrived and we shot off about midnight to head up west as we was on a mission . Had a scout for you to say goodbye but I think we might have been distracted a bit by the gorgeous Shoreditch ladies there .  ; )  Laaaaaaaaaavleee !

Got back to me car to a nice welcome from a £65 parking ticket  (Hang Borris by his bits and slowly cut them off) !

Wont see you next until Mousetrap R & B in Feb as im only allowed out by the rolling pin once per month . Cant wait for it mate , its my holy grail . Its where I feel at home !

At 21:49 on January 22, 2015, Chris Newport said…

Hello me ol' China ! Hope alls well ?

Sorry to bother you but...

Im gonna show my face down at Timebox this Saturday (no Tony sadly , hes got thumb prints on the top of his noggin : D ) . Not been before and as its a mix of music I was wondering if ide be over dressed in a suit . Silly question but whats the cloth ? Ive got an extensive wardrobe . ; )  Thanks for your time dude !

At 17:51 on October 21, 2014, Tony Walpole said…

Hi rob.. pleased to be a member.. looking forward to the next event :-)




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