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The 45s - a young RnB band from Carlisle

The 45s

Rescuing the just beating heart of Rock and Roll


The 45s have taken their RnB buzzsaw to the coffin built by the purveyors of manufactured pop to rescue the just beating heart of Rock and Roll. Horrified by the theft of Rhythm & Blues by what is basically urban pop with some stolen grooves, The 45s are giving it a technicolour shot in the arm.


Writing songs about love, lust and betrayal, in no short supply in the corridors of secondary schools and colleges across Britain and beyond, The 45s are tapping into the lifeblood of what it means to be young with attitude.


Believing that there had to be more to music than boy bands and bump and grind, The 45s raced back in time to discover the heart and soul of rock and roll. They landed on the streets of Chicago’s Southside in 1956 to see Muddy Waters walk through the doors of Chess Records on South Michigan Avenue. Through Muddy’s music and that of Howlin Wolf and Chuck Berry, The 45s found the elixir that has powered all great blues, soul and rock and roll ever since.


This is a music that reaches out to young people all over the world. It fires the natural rebellion of youth and stands firm against an ever-encroaching corporate culture that views teenagers as mere consumers to be fleeced by music moguls with so-called talent shows bloated by big name branding and phoney competitions.


This music is real and heartfelt. It is a beat to dance all night to, whether you were a sharecropper in 1930’s Mississippi, a meat packer in ‘50’s Chicago or shelf-stacking in Tesco today. The 45s build on this colossal musical heritage to play original music that is as relevant now as it was over half a century ago.


From behind the bike sheds of a comprehensive school in Cumbria, the anger and rage at manufactured boy bands and over-hyped girl singers was channelled into the creation of a real band, true to the founding principles of rock and roll. This band can really play and their sound is driven along by raw energy rather than orchestral overdubs.


The visual identity of any band is important and that of The 45s is inspired by the Mod scene of the early sixties when smartly suited youths would pack blues clubs to hear the likes of the Yardbirds, the Bluesbreakers and Zoot Money belt out the classics.


Forming in early 2012, the year saw The 45s gigging in pubs and clubs in towns across Cumbria and beyond, playing late night two hour sets to alcoholically refreshed punters demanding a party. That is some audience to please but this bunch of fifteen and sixteen year olds nailed it time after time. They survived punch ups, stage invasions and the slightly too close attention of women who were of an age when they should have known better.


Through all this, and with GCSEs to study for, the songwriters in the band have managed to rack up an album’s worth of original material which they have been showcasing at their live gigs. The punters just keep on dancing whether it be to a Chuck Berry classic or a 45s original. With a packed summer of festival gigs and some touring coming up, The 45s are honing their live act into a tight 45 minute set of original songs spliced by a few classics. If you find yourself near one of their shows, make sure you get to see them. If rock and roll has a future, this is it!  

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