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I go by the name Sweet Roddy and I’m from a small town called Menifee in the I.E. of So-Cal. I’ve been making music for almost 6 years now and a huge inspiration of mine come from all genres of music from rap to pop to alternative. I love to make music that’s more diverse, most of my songs won’t sound the same to one another and I do that on purpose so I can have more of a range of what I can do because I believe a true artist can do all types of music! I’m a 2nd generation Cuban American and I try to voice my experiences I’ve gone through so that people can relate to and feel the music not just through their ears but through their soul as well. This song is called Snakes and it’s about fake friends/girlfriends/people holding me back and me overcoming them and all the troubles that come along and at the end of the day... I just step on Snakes. Hope you enjoy!




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