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Story behind shooting _ Brighton 2011 project - + link to new edited & digitally enhanced photos




In 1982 Paul Weller from The Jam- changed my life. 

My exploration of the Beatles music led me to discover The Jam - and they have ever since been my all-time favourite band.

My obsession with 60s music led me to the infamous underground Melbourne mod scene. In the mid eighties it was alive and exciting bands like The Allnighters , The  Sets,The Urban Guerrillas ,Little Murders ,The  Sunny boys , Hodoo Gurus .

 It was 1985 I was a n 18 yr old photography student .I met John Weller when The Style Council toured here. It was enough to know I wanted to be in London one day..

I caught the Mod infection..  as soon as I completed my photography degree,

I was on the plane.

What is it about your passion that leads you to where you are supposed to be in life?

London in the eighties really was fun place to be for a Mod. The music, the original   clothes, the people.... It was a real eye opener for a young naive and excitable Melbourne girl.

I choose role of observer through my many camera lenses and felt I had a role in capturing a cool history forever.

Weller reignited his solo career, and as fate had it, in 1992 I reconnected with his dad again and this gave me   work. Weller was one of the kindest men I ever met.

Timing is everything,

It was 92 and the Brit pop revival was hot as I toured round Europe working for all the music magazine and record companies, capturing this edgy part of the music history on film forever. I was in the   my zone and was commissioned to work with and tour all the great  “ Brit pop” bands Oasis, Weller Blur Pulp..

Photography has been my life, it has been the passport in to meet many interesting characters, to be invited into peoples lives and situations that would never have been accessible to me if it were not for my beloved camera


I photographed many of the clubs in the 90s, loved the Isle of White  and the  Mouse Trap

It was 1993 at” subterania “I spotted a cool impeccably dressed young idyllic looking mod boy,.. Irish Greg.

I was compelled to start recording this cool subculture way back then..”Old school” mod was always more appealing to me the time.. Dave Edward was another young faced Idyllic looking old school mod boy ..

After nine years of being in London the Brit pop scene was virtually dead.  I had worked all over the world, I let the Mod project dwindle as  I became  heavily involved  with  photographing  bands. By 1998, Jaded by the fading pop scene and the British weather I returned to my home town of Melbourne…

12 years later whilst in Melbourne I woke up and thought “ Im fricken bored what`s missing that will light me up again…

Images of the past and great memories of London were enough to reignite my flame and I was back on a plane to London.

When I saw that Horst & Rob had done the 21st Century mod   book I thought Brilliant good on them.. I My passion was reignited. I wanted to finish what I had started. Thanks to them I was re inspired

It takes something to keep the passion alive and whilst there are the mundane details of time money & energy to head to Britain and do a professional shoot in the middle of a dark sweaty club,  with  speakers  blazing  in your  subjects ears , but  it was  great fun.. Some things are just in your blood forever.

Thanks to all the people who contacted me and enquired about these photos

Its taken me nearly two months of hard work perfecting the images.

Editing, digitally enhancing retouching a few wrinkles making people look their best

Finally here…. The Brighton Weekender photos! 

 After   sorting though 567 photos I   give you the best of the best

Thanks to Master-mind Rob Bailey for putting on   a great event

 To all who participated thank for making it so much   fun!

For your time…

 I am offering a free 5x7inch low-res image to commemorate Brighton 2011

 Image will sent via   email to any body who want some image this can be used for face book or web be patient as this is a side project and its cost me

Any additional orders will be for larger prints (HI- Resolution)   will  cost 40 pounds  .

If you want to get a great Xmas gift and them in time for avoid the Xmas rush

You can pay by  “pay`pal “or on or direct debit 

Deposit via Eft 

 All additional Orders need to be in by Dec 10

 New Photo link  below



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Comment by Rob Bailey on September 25, 2012 at 5:22

Stunning set of pictures from Brighton 2011 Kim well done Miss and hope all is fine down under x


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