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Born and raised in Charlotte, the Entertainment Capital of the Carolinas, OB Swank is quickly making a name for himself as an international dynamic cultural figure. A rapper in the underground music scene, Swank brings his authentic southern sensibilities to his intimate and relatable tracks. OB Swank is the first hip hop artist in American history to release a mixtape while actively holding a political position. OB Swank has a 10,000+ multi-generational and multicultural digital following that is supportive of him becoming more serious about making music. Following learning the power it holds, Swank believes that everything is vibration and that sound allows vibration to exist. A political figure, known for his activism and advocacy, Swank says that in the twenty first century, "Hip hop artists should organize to help create a world where everyone has potential to become part of a higher level of collective global consciousness that is inclusive of all Humanity." Essentially, Swank feels that Hip Hop artists can use their sound to create a new world for humans to exist in.


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