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Emerging on the hip-hop and rnb scene Nushy is a Slovenian rapper and singer who has earned over thousand followers on Instagram. Her music journey started over 15 years ago. She released her first American single “Benefits”on May 15,2019 which became a underground sensation. Her debut album Nushy on December 18,2019 was well received. She gained mainstream attention abroad through her American Indie hit“Benefits”.”I has “matured” and upgraded my rapper experience through singing into all these years. In the new music I perform, however, I marvel at this upgrade and believes in success.”Have you heard my fresh release, the song Hollywood ToTokyo? The song was created by an international team of good known artists.The text was written by the American songwriter Henry Smith, with whom Ihas already participated in the well-received single Benefits, and this is our first timecollaborated with Iranian producer and singer Parham Potki, who is signed as the author of the music. The video was created by the excellent Aljaž Uršej, who has already taken care of quite a few of my videos.At the same time, with the same team of creators, we are already creating a new list of songs. "In a world that we ourselves break down too often unnecessarily, Hollywood ToTokyo calls for the connection of all in both its message and its emergencepeople and connects us regardless of nationality, race, religion or whatever."


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