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New Jersey Native Dub City Mentored By Legendary Bone Crusher is Making Moves In The A

The debate between so-called old heads and young artists has gone on for years, with little to no resolution. What happens when the two sides stop debating, and start working together? The answer is Dub City. 

Hailing from East Orange, NJ, Dub City has been groomed by a few of the most seasoned veterans in the entertainment industry. In addition to being mentored by Bonecrusher (“Never Scared”), the current Atlanta resident is signed to N Genius—the label co-owned by the legendary DJ Hurricane and industry veteran Street Lotto. Bridging the gap between the pioneers and the new school, isn’t easy, but Dub City is up for the task. 
Either directly or indirectly, Dub has always been influenced by legends. Like many would be artists, he came up listening to greats like the late, great Tupac Shakur and Jay-Z, but their words hit differently for Dub than they did for the average person. “Jay turned his problems and accomplishments into songs,” says Dub City. “The way he put his words together made me wonder if I could do the same thing. So that's when I tried it myself.”
Although he always had a way with words, it wasn’t until Dub’s circle encouraged him to record the slick wordplay that he’d been putting to paper that he actually developed a love for music. “When I was first doing it, I was just writing bars, but when I first started learning from the artists who came before me, how to compose songs and make records it led to me being able to define myself as an artist, says Dub.”
Who Dub is as an artist is as much rooted in his creative process as it is in his journey and all of it is displayed in his music. He even shares personal stories that most artists shy away from. 
“I was a doorstop baby. My adopted mom saw a headline in the Star Ledger newspaper about a baby left at the church's steps. That was me! She wrote a letter to the church and said she was interested in adopting the baby that was found,” recounts Dub. They contacted her back and met with her so she can start the process in getting me into her home. To me it was by the grace of God. I couldn't have asked for a more safe, secure, and stable household, but I always felt different for some reason and I didn't know why. I knew I  was adopted my whole life but didn't know the whole story until I was grown! When I saw the news article for the first time at the age of 26, it helped me to understand what I had been feeling my whole life. I'm here for a real reason. 
Rather spitting about his rough childhood or spinning tales of how he left the streets behind to pursue rap full time, Dub’s lyrics paint a picture and it is that genuine honesty that separates him from the pack. You will always catch Dub City rocking that OOOG Brand.
Take a trip into Dub City’s world by listening to his current singles “ War Ready” and “ Non Stop”. The Newly entitled Album is called “Blackowned Business”.



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