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New Album Alert: #WeCoolYouAreNot Coming Soon by DCizco

DCizco, Francisco DelCarpio is an artist born and raised in Peru; he attended catholic schools and his bad behavior in school resulted in him being kicked out a lot. But still he was recognized for his acting ability and valuable participation in the Choir programs at each school.


From the age of 14 to 16, DCizco attended military school and after began going to a high school in New York.


DCizco for awhile played the behind-the-scenes role because wasn’t quite confident in his abilities to pursue a music career. He even reflects on once giving a friend money to get “a nice mansion with a set of fancy cars” for a music video.


He just wanted to see others succeed more than himself.


After starting to write in 2010, DCizco made music and worked as a HVAC Technician; his employment helped him fund his launch into the music industry and social media. DCizco details his newly found accomplishments as happening like this:


“I went back to the song I started writing a few months back, Ven Paca Mamita and contacted Miguel Muñoz to help me finish the song. I presented the song to him and he liked it, he said he had some lyrics that he hadn’t been able to use but that could fit perfectly with my song - and after weeks of talking we came into an agreement to work on my first album,”.


Very recently, DCizco launched his album, #WeCoolYouAreNot and it’s been on the rise. As the artist continues to develop, he looks to expand into “doing different genres like hip hop, rap, more Latin pop music and romantic,”.


To see more updates on the Peru-based artist, DCizco see the links below:

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