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Swedish pop star Maja Kristina is back with her latest hit single "Idiot". The multi-talented singer and song writer is currently working on her new EP and is already establishing herself as a global sensation with an international following. Her new single "Idiot" features a catchy hook and smooth vocals laid out over an electric instrumental. The song immediately captivates your attention and makes you want to keep listening. 

Maja Kristina has a unique ability and gift to paint pictures you can visualize without seeing through utilizing elaborate wordplay while applying her stunning wide-ranged vocal ability over a perfectly matched instrumental. This track is something you can play on your car radio as your cruising to the beach with your friends to have a good time in a drop top corvette with wind blowing through your hair! Check out the song for yourself and make sure you connect with Maja on all social media @ItsMajaKristina


Maja Kristina has no intention of fast-tracking her into the upper echelon of pop music. Raised in
Sweden, inspired by the influx of strong, independently poised women currently dominating pop
music, and already responsible for a wave of unshakable singles, the road to 2020 signals a peak in
confidence and clarity for one Stockholm’s most enigmatic prospects of the past decade. With her
debut EP enroute and a formal alliance with Republic Records in play, the young and talented artist/
songwriter needs little encouragement where taking center stage is concerned.

Having witnessed the ups and downs of fame through her own family life, the aspiring
songwriter-turned-artist channeled a love for words and an experimental itch into her own
artistic vision. Maja Kristina now makes music with a soul focus on connecting the world. The red
carpets and glamour shoots can wait – right now her main concern is bringing real feeling to
the global pop landscape. Relatable, raw and emotively cleansed pop music is the name of the game,
and for Maja Kristina. Driven by perfecting the art of musical self-disclosure and the explorative nature
of songwriting, her music taps into real feelings, emotions and experiences that can touch the masses
without attempting to cut corners.

“For me, seeing women like Julia Michaels make passionate and really empowering pop music in the
spotlight has been a huge inspiration,” she admits. “It felt like it was becoming more and more possible
to do something meaningful in the spotlight. There’s no trade-off between relevance and realism.”
Signing with Republic Records in 2018, inaugural label single ‘No Fake Love’ landed to the tune of
huge domestic and international support. Her follow-up single, ‘Idiot,’ written alongside Rami Yacoub,
Rob Knox and her brother Simon Stromstedt, keeps with the theme of empowering pop, and acts as a
precursor to the rising star’s debut EP, scoped for release in 2020. ‘Now that the pieces are coming
together, I feel totally confident in my vision and what I want to stand for,’ explains Maja. ‘Early on in
your career, you have a vision and aspirations, but where I am now is a place where I can feel it all
coming to fruition. “Idiot” is the perfect next chapter and I am excited to show the world how my debut
EP takes form next year.’

Alongside the rise of her studio work, Maja Kristina’s live presence has been a tangible opportunity for
the young and rising talent to nurture and connect with a genuinely engaged fanbase domestically. ‘It’s
the best feeling in the world for me,’ she explains. ‘The live show is where you get to live and breath
the project. That’s where the energy and emotion really come out. To share that with other people at
this stage in my career just feels amazing to me. It’s been a learning process, but hugely enjoyable

While her debut EP already promises to be an illuminating calendar mark for Swedish pop music with
international teeth, Maja Kristina’s continuous leaps and bounds show that there is a combination of
talent, conviction, and character available in modern pop music that truly cannot be beaten.


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