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Lost Minds Collective - "Sick ‘N’ Tired"

We are an independent hip hop group who go by the name of Lost Minds Collective (acronym, L.M.C.). There are three of us who make up the group for the most part all from southern Cali: KiDDStrAnge, Roach1503 and AnGeL The Fallen. Each of us have our main core taste for music that differentiates us but share the same love for raw underground lyrical, spitting hip hop that most people can relate to on a day to day basis. We have many musical influences all across the spectrum and since there’s three of us, we bring all of our different music influences to the table. From Underground hip hop to rock, punk, pop, mainstream, classic rock etc. you name it Why is that? cause no matter the genre, a well written song, that is a great song and is a well written song, now that’s a skillful ingredient mixed in with some magic! Magic?, well a chemistry.. and by that I mean, you ever wonder why great bands, like Metallica or rap groups like The Wu-Tang. Just vibed so well, is cause the chemistry amongst each other they naturally had which made naturally great music. L.M.C holds that chemistry, we keep music 1000 first, positive vibes up, rock with us and let’s hit the peddle to the metal! READY TO GO!!! RESURRECTION we recorded in 2 days, 7hrs a day between three people. UNLOCKED DOORS IS OUR LASTEST PROJECT. It’s full of emotion and steps in life that will unlock doors to move up in life, so check us out! We do our own recordings and video edits. We grind away!! We greatly appreciate everyone for your time, blessed!





Where to buy: Doors - EP by Lost Minds Collective/1506415790

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