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Jovanny Pacheco - "Dont Play No Games"

You probably dont know of him yet but, Jovanny Pacheco aka G.O is an inspiring young artist from San Diego CA. Ive been doing music since i was just 14 years old, going on 9 years now. With my music my goal has always been to bridge the gap between the newschool & the oldschool. When i first started it was all about proving that i could rap and i did that. For the first few years i dropped mixtape after mixtape but, as i got older i wanted to do more than just "spit bars". Right around when i turned 17 i became more interested in the actual art of music itself and wanted to strive to create something more. Since then ive just been focused on tuning my craft and learning to create actual songs with more substance & meaning. Im not like most artist with a specific sound that you can just box me in. I pride myself on keeping people guessing on whats to come next. From classic RnB to newage trap RnB, jazz, and boombap rap to the modern day turn up scene there isnt a sound that i feel i cant touch.


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