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Jake Griffus Tackles Tough Issues On “Candlelight”

California-based lyricist Jake Griffus sees
his music as a form of therapy. Delivering conscious bars and covering various topics,
he taps into parts of the listener’s mind, helping them through the darkness into the
healing light. With a new album on the way, he gets things started with the release of a
new single, “Candlelight”.

Produced by Entheogenesis Productions, “Candlelight” finds Jake grapples with
heavy topics such as suicidal tendencies and fighting demons. With his unique
wordplay, he paints a dark picture of what people are going through, and finds himself
trying to help others out of that darkness. Although “Candlelight” is not a typical Hip
Hop track, listeners will find themselves hitting rewind to see the vivid pictures Jake
Griffus paints. Accompanying the single is a music video that further amplifies his
lyrics. “Candlelight” will be featured on Jake’s forthcoming, full-length 2021 release,
“The Operator”.

Growing up in Palmdale, California, Jake Griffus’ love for music started at a very early
age, as he was exposed to various artists in his neighborhood and in the media.
Having difficulties expressing himself, it was Hip Hop that helped him to find his voice
and gave him the space to share his thoughts and talent. As a rapper, he saw that his
music was like rehab that could assist many who deal with different struggles. As a
member of Secondhand Thieves and Entheogenesis Productions, he provides
politically charged lyrics, and conscious bars that will find him in good company
among many of Hip Hop’s greats.

Jake Griffus’ “Candlelight” is now available on all digital music streaming platforms
with distribution through CD Baby. The music video for “Candlelight” is now available
for viewing on Secondhand Thieves’ official YouTube channel.


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