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Brooklyn born, Harlem raised, hip-hop is an integral part of Hugh.

He infuses a plethora of sounds into his production, molding songs from scratch to finish. After leaving NY to pursue a higher education and a career, he decided to make a move geared in the direction of his true passion. Music.

Picking up the engineering bug along the way is a byproduct of learning the creation process step by step. He’s been producing music since the age of twelve.

Check out his latest release ‘Paragon De Facto’

Introspection and self deprecating humility take the foreground on this project. Sonically and lyrically encapsulating the angst and joy of life in the gritty glamour of New York City through the eyes of a fatherless black boy becoming a man. From drug abuse, pain and black plight to hope, understanding and self appreciation this work is a glance into the window of the mind of Hugh Hundo.

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