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Elliot Thomas, known professionally as Ell Ebak is an American rapper. Ell Ebak was born in North Carolina and raised in the Bronx, New York, and Upstate, New York. During that time he loved creating music and art in general. He performed in different states and places throughout his journey. Los Angeles in North Hollywood and Studio City, Miami, and New York City are the main places where he performed. His major performances were in Studio City at P 71 Lounge and in New York City at The Rock Church, The Delancey, & Sidewalk Cafe. Elliot was previously featured on Alwayz Therro Magazine. He releases new singles, EPs, and other projects consistently for himself and anyone that supports him. Growing up Elliot was inspired by Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and J. Cole. A few years ago he told himself "it's either you take it seriously no matter where you end up or deal with never trying again. Over time Elliot got better with storytelling over Hip Hop Soul/Jazz instrumentals. He respects true artistry above all and has the versatility for lyrical storytelling, energetic hooks, and music that connects with diverse audiences. He is ready to showcase his message to the world. In the future Ell Ebak, would like to work with Sade, Janelle Monae, Meek Mill, J. Cole, Drake, and Adele. Ell's goal is to travel, expand, and make a positive impact on people's lives with his music and his spirit.







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