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Desiree Ft. Daysha Taylor Drop New "BAD" Single!

"BAD" is a song by American recording artist Desirée, featuring American rapper Daysha Taylor of the Taylor Girlz. This is the first single promoting Desirée's first studio EP "Have A Good Life" which is set to release this summer!

"BAD” is the perfect record to describe how my ex felt when I finally moved on. I was unappreciated through out the relationship, but when I moved on, everything changed."

The video perfectly captures the vibe of 90s R&B and Hip-Hop groups like Xscape and TLC. Dasha Taylor's sultry southern cadence is a perfect addition to the guitar-laden track.

Dasha Taylor is most known as the other half of the Taylor Girlz, who are most noteworthy for coming up with the #StealYaManChallenge on Instagram.

Desiree is no stranger to the mic, but this is her first attempt at making a full-length project. She's brought along a great collaborative team to guide her through her rookie debut.

"I got in the studio with dope songwriters (Libby Abrego and Naquan Reese) and they really helped me bring my vision to life. I have always written my music by myself, so it was hard to let songwriters in but I’m so happy I did. There is magic in collaboration."

"Bad" is an empowering call to all the women of the world to stand tall and move forward after a relationship ends. Independence is a theme that runs throughout.

Basic, never, you know nothing about me is average

"I made this record to empower all women going through a break-up or heartbreak right now. It's their loss! They'll be back and by then it'll be too late"says Desiree.

"I feel like BAD is the perfect break-up anthem. I really feel like so many women will feel me on this one. Usually by the time they want to act right, you’re over it and it’s way too late."

Check out her EP, which is now streaming on all platforms.

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