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Chicago Threez - "Other Side" ft. Silence & Curtis Mayfield

CHICAGO THREEZ drops another conscious cocktail BOMB! New Single/Video "OTHER SIDE!" featuring Silence, DJ X-Ray and a remix-loop from Curtis Mayfield! Produced by Riot One for SSMG! Truly another Gold Barz audio and visual classic!!!!!!!!

Featured on Legendary DJ RON G's mixtape "THE NEW TOMORROW"


This song and video is about enlightenment and self-actualization. In Ancient Egypt, Osiris symbolized the innate divinity in man as well as his highest potential. There is an arduous process in realizing this...It usually entails suffering, challenges, setbacks, and disappointments. Yet, when we realize that all of the aforementioned are but instruments utilized by the Universe to force us into who we are destined to become we then understand that there can be no arrival without the struggle. The tallest and most beautiful plants require both sunshine and rain. Hope you enjoy! #CHICAGOTHREEZ
Featured on Legendary DJ RON G's mixtape "GO TIME!"

"I think music reflects the conscience, spirit and conditions of the society which produces it" says Chicago Threez. A gifted emcee, songwriter, and composer from Chicago's Westside. "I always take myself back to adolescence when I was rhyming to be the best at my craft. There was no money, no record deals or videos...It was just pure, raw, competitive and meticulous creativity...In a way there's a void for such music today insofar as Hip Hop, R&B and other urban-based genres are concerned". With a rich cognizance of musical history and geniuses in his heritage such as the late Gavin Christopher( Hit recording artist, producer and songwriter), Chicago Threez embodies what is rare in Hip Hop these days : Pensive content, original concepts, rhyme patterns, storytelling, punchlines, wordplay crafted visuals, and a voice/delivery that immediately pierces through anyone's prior indifference. Add that over the fire of beats by fellow producer and graff artist Riot One from SSMG and you have a formidable combination capable of timeless classics.
"I'm a music junkie....I can hear a Hip Hop loop in any genre instantly because I'm in tune with the culture moreso than the industry....The culture of Hip Hop means everything to me. My generation, (Generation X) is the medium between our ancestors and the youth. It is our duty to perpetuate spiritual truths and musical integrity/excellence as examples and mentors. Black Chicago has a rich musical history and lineage. When I spit, I want it to be in the spirit of Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke or Lou Rawls. Yet I'm a purist and a Hip Hop lyricist, so I want to incorporate all the slang, mannerisms and traditions of a Chicagoan within a diverse set of Hip Hop methodologies, styles, and concepts. I felt that by doing this I could separate myself, ideas and brand from others".....Does that sound like someone you'd like to listen to? I know it does for me!


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