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Cece Chanel Ft. Tezzerd Eagle - "Like a Movie"

Cece Chanel is rapper from the Midwest who was born in Indiana , and raised in Tennessee. Chanel found her passion for the art of sound early on in middle school. Being forced to recite and remember poems by Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and many others, Chanel soon discovered that music was truly nothing other than poetry with a beat. "The rest is history", so she says. Basically raising herself from the age of 13 to adulthood, Chanel has found ways to cope with almost any and everything life has thrown her way. With passion, pain , and enlightenment her story-telling lyricism and grammatical content can and will take you on a run for your money. Spoken to have made the biggest move in here career, Chanel set off from the Midwest to the West coast in late December of 2019 and states that she is not leaving, until she gets what she came for!
Some say Lauryn Hill, some say Lady of Rage. We say Ms. Cece Chanel


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