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BROWN BONE AKA ICY PRINCESS OF THE SOUTH HOTTEST FEMALE RAPPER OUT OF THE 252, North Carolina. At a young age Brown Bone gravitated to music by dancing to her favorite early 2000’s songs with her siblings. It was Hip Hop/Rap that really stuck to Brown Bone as a budding child in the south. While in the midst of seeing the Trap Music scene burst into a worldwide phenomenon, with it being so close to home she gravitated and made a sound of her own. With a kick brass, smooth delivery , the grittiness of the south sweetness of her up bringing and the sassiness she was born with. Brown Bone credits her career to her Mentor Kaffi Blak also a Multiplatinum Artist/Producer/Label CEO of JAMUS. Raised with strong morals Brown Bone is here to show the world who she is an artist! Be sure to check out her first new single ‘Icy Baby’, the first of many hit singles ; giving her fans a glimpse of what its like to be an Icy Princess.

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