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Bernardo Davinci - "Young and Successful"

No Funding No Label, Everything Was Earned Nothing Was Given

Thanks to never giving up believing in himself following his dreams with clever harmony and wordplay the Virginia - based BernardoDavinci launched single-handedly funded his own label. It took 10 years of underground releases before the musician made any type of clout for his official debut.   

An American rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter based out of Charlottesville VA, who gained nationwide attention on SoundCloud for his mixtape "Chef Davinci" instantly took the musician's career to an overnight star currently has him with over 15Million+ plays and counting. Bernard Talburtt better know by his stage name BernardoDavinci was born in 1991 developed an interest in music at the young age of growing up in a middle-class family it wasn't until his late teens, however, he decided to pursue music as a full - time career.

Graduating from Charlottesville High School in 2009 young Bernardo accepted the transformation from boy to man adopting the name "BernardoDavinci" because he noticed that music was deeper than just rhyming on a beat it was a form of art being communicated to others through storytelling and an emotional connection from artist to listener. Shortly after graduation, he had many accomplishments such as the most songs recorded in his local town studio 250 to be exact as well as being featured on his local news station and paper for his music spreading through his town like wildfire.

Fast forward to 2017 he started gaining a fanbase on the social media platforms Youtube, and Instagram. He began becoming more open and expressive to the platforms gaining awareness to bring attention to his music developing over thousands of followers quickly. It was during that time that Bernardo recorded his first viral video "Reboot"

"I Spent $50 Making "Reboot" in the studio" he recalls

Today the official video for "Reboot" has over 60,000+ Views Along with other Follow Up Single "Check The Status" the Total Views BernardoDavinc has on Youtube is Over 300,000+ all thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube, and other social media platforms

"I credit the success of my music to Social Media" he adds

In July of 2017 BernardoDavinci has released multiple singles to the following platforms Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer, Rhapsody, Napster, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Music, As well as a multiple numbers of mixtapes on Datpiff TSOE, ChefDavinc, Young and Succesful, 

 BernardoDavinci has traveled all around the east coast performing in states including New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Flordia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, even had a distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment Inc in 2015 with a memorable recording "TYTS" better know as Too Young To Stop.

Today he has over 10,000 followers on Instagram, More than 5,000 subscribers on Youtube and Twitter, and is contributing to opening up for major artists in the game while independently selling out shows across the United States. He continues to perform, record and represent his label "SupremeGang" to the maximum. His latest projects feature Birthday(Lifestyle) "Lowkey" "Young and Succesful" "Poverty" "Squeeze" "Party Pass Out" and "Aero Blue"












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