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Omen44 Releases his 2020 Project "Hentai"

1. CQ(Buddha Brand) 2. Fizzi Pizzi 3. Mio Fujimura(DA-Dee-MiX) 4. Dj YOHEI 5. MUTA 6. nabepro 7. Sicknature 8. King TJ(DA-Dee-MiX) 9. Atsushi Uekusa(DA-Dee-MiX) 10. Kyo Itachi 11. LORD 8ERZ 12. Dj Tomo A.K.A Tamu 13. Skyzoo 14. Kimihiro Kai(DA-Dee-MiX) 15. Mega-G 16. Ida Divine 17. Omen44 18. Stephanie 19. Planet Asia 20. MANTLE AS MANDRILL 21. Gradis Nice 22. Shadow The Great(Loaf Muzik) 23. 6th Generation 24. Noriq

Omen44's "Hentai" is a global collective of Hip-Hop/Jazz/Trip-Hop based on New York Boom Bap featuring artist's from New York to Tokyo Worldwide.

From New York: Skyzoo, Shadow The Great (Loaf Muzik), Ida Divine to Planet Asia form LA, Snowgoons from Germany to Sicknature(Denmark), Kyo Itachi and Fizzi Pizzi from France.

From Japan: Producers: Gradis Nice, MANTLE AS MANDRILL, LORD 8ERZ, MUTA, Dj Tomo A.K.A Tamu, Noriq, DA-Dee-MiX, 6th Generation(Jazzy Sport), nabepro

Singers and MC's: CQ(Buddha Brand), MEGA-G, Stephanie

Jazzy and Raw feel the World Class New York Boom Bap!!

Omen 44 originally from Kobe, evolved into a seasoned and respected Hip Hop artist since claiming NY as home and placing his stake in the music scene. The quick buzz and notoriety from his music resulted in shared global stages and collaborations with the likes of such heavyweights as Sizzla, Marley Marl, Statik Selektah and more. 44 offers fans a lengthy catalog of albums, mixtapes, and EP’s all of which incorporate a mixture of sounds and beats from Jazz to Funk over his lyrical imagery.


Eclipse feat.Planet Asia, Sicknature
Dum-dum feat.Fizzi Pizzi
American Dream feat.CQ(Buddha Brand)
Yamu-Machi 3000(ENG) feat.Mega-G, Shadow The Great(Loaf Muzik) Scratches by Dj YOHEI
Skit A(MUTA)
I can see the sun feat.Skyzoo
Gooks! Here It is
Skit B(Da-Dee MiX) 
Heart of A Warrior
All 4 the Love
Neva Think 2wice
Eclipse(Snowgoons Remix) feat.Planet Asia, Sicknature

Gradis Nice (1, 4)
Kyo Itachi (2)
MUTA (6)
Dj Tomo A.K.A Tamu (7, 10)
Noriq (8)
DA-Dee-MiX (9)
6th Generation (11)
nabepro (12)
Snowgoons (13)

Ida Divine (11, 12)
Stephanie (9)

Cover Art by Stephen Palladino


The Plug International

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