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Born Sterling Ardrey-Baty, 10 Colder grew up near the city of Santa Ana, CA and began making music as a teenager. During college he moved to Long Beach,CA and began recording music on his own. Frustrated with his current living situation and lack of traction in his music, Colder dropped out of college and moved to Las Vegas,NV and began pursuing music as a full time career. On his rise to stardom he has already shown glimpses of catchy song writing ability with underground Soundcloud hits like "Smoke" which he originally performed under the stage name “SteezyGisme” and collaborated on with “DempseyRollBoy”. The duo have multiple songs released between 2018-2019 that have garnered them modest success for artists so early in their careers. Now in 2020 back with a new stage presence and bleached blonde hairdo, 10 Colder looks to expand his reach into new markets with his new release "Sunset Beach" which he also produced. The video was shot at a beach in Orange County and does an amazing job of inviting the audience into 10 Colder's world where he's in full control.






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