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October 2011 Blog Posts (3)

Circle Records Facebook Group

Just to let my NUTs Network friends know: I've started a group for Circle Records, who help to bring you the Le Beat Bespoke series amongst other groovy things. I don't like to just add people without asking, so if you want to go along to and join-up, that would…

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Went to see the Keeler play last night in York, it played to a house about 10% full which is a great shame. It's a top play and well worth seeing, maybe it won't tell you much more than the film does but it's pretty impressive how a working class girl brought down the government. Not so impressive the way that the toffs left Ward to be the scapegoat.

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Pop Goes The Sixties

Pop Goes The Sixties aired as part of a Sixties week on a cable channel called Yesterdays. It's a travesty, I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this.

To be fair it's a joint ZDF/ BBC production from what appears to be late 69, early 70? Saville is the BBC presenter. The Who do I Can See For Miles. Great song but Roger had his awful fringed jacket, Pete the (too short in the leg) bib and brace, Entwhistle looked, well, rubbish  and Moon was Moon.

Kinks do Days,…


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