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What you top 5 Beat/Freakbeat Tunes?

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Wars or hands of Time-Master Apprentices
Spot the Lights-The Barrier
That's your Problem- The Outsiders
Dream in my mind-Rupert's People
Sorry-The Easybeats
for now, tomorrow it may be some other 45s

ADAM`S RECITAL there´s no place for lonely people
THE DREAM rebellion
ROGER JAMES FOUR better than here
WIMPLE WINCH save my soul
DOWNLINERS SECT why don´t you smile now
Hi Jens, I agree with you: the song Why don't you smile now it's great!!! I say:
as I look - Rebels rousers
Dream - Can I ask you one more question
dukes - I am an unskilled worker
Downliners sect - Why don't you smile now
Q65 - It came to me
but not as good as you might get rid of it :-)

got some nice q65 45s if you need any
Unskilled Worker is one of my faves right now too, have you got that one Ale?

Wimple Winch - Save my soul

The Craig - I must be mad

The Flies - I'm not your stepping stone

The Fire - Father's name is dad

James Mean - Seeing her

Boeing Duveen & Beautiful Soup - Jabberwock

Path through a forest - factory

Children of tomorrow - Mike Stuart Span

How does it feel to feel - Creation

Sorry-The Easybeats



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