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The 45s are a teenage R&B band (think Strypes) who have developed their own sound and vision by playing over 100 gigs in cumbria and beyond. They have an album's worth of their own material and have released an official video and some live videos from their hugely successful support slot with Wilko Johnson in Glasgow. One reviewer wrote the 45s "nearly stole the show". To see the live videos go to their Facebook page: 'The 45s Carlisle'. The link to the official video is below. I'd love to hear what people think of the band.


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love this! Thank you.

Seen them on youtube bill before this post,good young band hope they get the opportunity to flourish!!

these are bloody amazing

Getting a bit like the early sixties all over when the stones etc were starting out. What with the Strypes and the 45's,exciting times!!

I feel that many youngsters are getting bored of the electronic sounds and are turning to the true music. We can thank Youtube for getting a nice stock of music (I've found a channel dedicated to the blues and ragtime piano and guitar) and also to help new artists to be spotted. But I also hope that those youngsters will evolve and won't be stuck in one genre.

Where can I find a list of future gigs?

You can find it on their official website :

Saw them at McChuills on Friday night and the are amazing. Difficult to believe they are only 16, the lead guitarist is fabulous.

45s get down to riffs bar swindon pleaseeee





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