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Scooter Club important dates for August/Sept. 2013

Bar Italia Scooter Club dates for your diary: Saturday August 17th- Ride to Eel Pie Island! We are going to head to the iconic music venue to view the retrospective exhibition currently on display. I… View »

Buckingham Palace Rideout 25th May

Ok gang here's the score. Saturday, 25th of May. Rideout to kick off the Timebox Weekender. See the route below. MARSHALS REQUIRED FOR THIS EVENT. PLEASE MESSAGE ME ASAP IF YOU'RE AVAILABLE/WILLING T… View »

May/June 2013 update

Ok it's been a long time since I updated ya'll about the scooter club.    Just so you know what's happening at the 'clubhouse' here's a rough outline of rides and events we're involved with… View »

Bar Italia Scooter Club- Kickstart Rideout 23rd March

2013 is the year to look forward to! It's on! Saturday March 23rd is the date. Meet at the base of the BA London Eye in Waterloo at 11am. We leave at midday SHARP to head to Greenwich where we have… View »

Bar Italia SC important dates for 2012

This is a list of rideouts that the club will be taking part in this year. This is NOT a comprehensive list so please feel free to let me know of any rides so I can update this. NB I have also liste… View »





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