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It's about time I posted an update regarding what we're doing over the next few weeks.

So, without further adue:


Saturday- April 27th - Scoot The Thames. The main ride leaves Tubby Isaacs Eels hut at midday and rides through Central London, covering various bridges along the route.

Bar Italia SC will be meeting at Bar Italia at 11am. We will leave at 11.30am to meet the main ride before it departs at midday. Full tanks please!


Sunday- April 28th- Ride to Boxhill in Surrey. Bar Italia SC are still to confirm whether they are attending. More details shortly


Sunday April 28th- Scooter Club meet up. 6pm at Bar Italia.


Sunday- May 5th- Lambretta GT 50th Anniversary event. There will be a ride starting in Wimbledon at the White Hart pub. This leaves at 10am and visits various places through Central London. It is followed by a custom show back in Wimbledon. Bar Italia SC will meet at Bar Italia for midday and leave at 12.30pm, aiming to be in Wimbledon for approximately 1pm.


Sunday May 5th- Sunday evening meet up. Bar Italia for 6pm. We will be riding to the Strongroom Bar for the Sunday 7's evening.


Saturday May 25th- Buckingham Palace Rideout in conjunction with the New Untouchables. Meet point is Carnaby St. We leave here at 2pm sharp and ride through Central London to end up at the Strongroom Bar. Scooter comp, live music, food all happening as well. Marshals required.

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