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Hi im new here and wondered what all you beautiful people ride to work on.
For me its a 1984 Vespa PX125E Black, with chrome Florida bars and a 4 in 1 backrest.
need to get a front carrier for the full mod look.
come on let me know what your scoot is and make me happy =) cheers

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He was so pissed off by its reliability,a thing he had never experienced before!! That he chucked it!!!

Ha ah John you kill me. If you were polling to be the prime minister of Mod, You would defiantly get my vote.

Politics......not for me!! I'd tell the truth so hence wouldnt get too far!!  LOL

Lol :-]

Hi John can you help me ? On mod generation I see Andy Ingram has a pair of bass we junk loafers for sale at £40 but as I am not on Mod generation I can't contact him. Can you help me as I want to buy them off him. Thanks Moose.

 Hey John - you certainly get around ... LOL!

Back to the thread ..........I have been working all day at getting my Lambretta LI 150 series 3 ready for next weekend, when I hope to take it for a run.......just put in a new top end and need to run it in, so it's nice 'n easy all the way!

PX !! Please leave this site

'77 P200E UK

'67 LI150 SIII (NYPD Police special)


Been riding a nasty Indian GP150 for the last few months. Got my 1965 GT200 ready for the road now so, the GP will get kicked to the curb!

The TV200 will be so much more reliable whilst going down to Brighton in the back of my 66 VW van! Gone are the days when I ride Lambrettas for 200 plus miles!!

Cheers Steve





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