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Hi im new here and wondered what all you beautiful people ride to work on.
For me its a 1984 Vespa PX125E Black, with chrome Florida bars and a 4 in 1 backrest.
need to get a front carrier for the full mod look.
come on let me know what your scoot is and make me happy =) cheers

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oh well, I'll reply... combination of px200e, or/and gp225 rapido... depends upon whether I need good or bad lighting ;-)
Lambretta Li150 special
Series 2 li150
Vespa VB150 "1958"
I have a Vespa GTS 125 ('progressive' scootering) and an LML 125 4T (classic style,but used for comuting/wet days). Would like to have a Vespa PX to 'mod-up'!

Don't have a scoot at moment torn between classic and full warranty on new LML.

Malcolm, get a vintage boneshaker mate...unbeatable!!  LOL

Agree with John if you go down the LML route you will still be hankering after the classic


Hi Simon, My pride and joy is a GS160 and SX150 but don't ride either of them to work. P-range for work makes most sense but in the weather we have been having brrrrrr! Best Rob

Riding a px to work ,thats cool ,i have a company car so that means i am a tourist to compare with you,

Yes Rob my baby's are GS 160,& GS 150.... Special occasion and happy days only , and no go on brrrrrr days  Simon

Only ride to work in the very  best of weather,Ive got a TV  175,150 Sportique and just acquired a GS 160 that Im thrilled to bits with.


i ride to work on a cutdown 50 spe fitted with drop bars & is powerwd by a px 125 motor

No one has ever explained to me just why Jimmy threw that Vespa off that cliff, Surely there not that bad, never had one myself always stuck to Lambretta's



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